Good day coin shooting.

Sunday 29 June2014.
I was out on a charity dig today and had a splendid time coin shooting. Managed a total of 63 coins giving me a sum of £18.77 to go into my metal detecting challenge fund. We detected some council sports fields and coins were coming up right from the off. There was three silver hammered coins found that I know of, and also a few milled silvers, as well as a couple of rings and other interesting stuff. The oldest finds I made were three pre-decimal pennies, 1901, 1917, 1936, and two thruppenny bits both 1966. Also dug five large old 50p.
As well as ring pulls and bottle tops the other trashy pain we had were football boot studs, I must have dug 20 of them. But a great day and £120 was raised for the charity. Looking forward to a return visit there in the future.

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