Metal Detecting News.

 Thursday 01 May 2014
I've just come across two great news stories about metal detecting.
The first one is about a bloke in England who dug up dozens of silver Roman coins dated more than 1,700 years old. He's a charity fund raiser and only just recently took up metal detecting so he could search for items to sell and raise more money for charity. Good on him and I hope he raises a tidy sum.
You can read the full story here on the Telegraph & Argus news site.

The other great story is from Denmark about two blokes who after searching for hours through mud with metal detectors made the discovery of their lives. an ancient Viking treasure, 250 gold and silver coins.
WOW...what a find, The local museum reckons they were buried in the ground in the 1080s.
See, hard work does pay off. You can read the full story here on the Copenhagen Post news site.

Two great stories to wet all you treasure hunter's appetites. Why not take a look at a load of other recent metal detecting treasure finds made in the last couple of months on my page above called 'Treasure in the News.

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