Couple of hours out in the sun.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Had a couple of hours to spare today so popped out with my Deus. I went over some ground I've done before where I've only ever found bullet casings, and today was no exception. More bullet casings and one live round which I will dispose of safely. Also found a 1p that will go towards my detecting challenge, well, every little helps as Asda says, or was that Tescos?
Plus, I dug two what I believe to be the bottom pieces of hand grenades. I took a close up of them so you can see the markings. They say. 'No36M MK1 Z WD C LCL TD'.

***UPDATE***  After a little bit of googling I can confirm it is indeed what they call a Mills Grenade Base Plug. Found a good description on John Winter's site here.

Met a fellow detectorist while I was out today too, so if you look in Peter it was a pleasure to meet someone who has a passion for this hobby as I do. Hope I didn't keep you from your work with my chatting. Keep at it matey, the finds will come, by the sounds of it your doing great now.


  1. I'm pleased that you found my site useful. You may wonder why detectorists only find the Mills bomb grenade base cap and not the rest of the casing. This was because the segmented pineapple type body caused the grenade to splinter. 'Twas an excellent weapon for trench clearing!

    Must add that to my blog post! :-)

  2. Hi John, useful is an understatement. That was a very good blog post you done about the Mills bomb grenade, exactly what I was looking for and to see a picture of the weapon that fired those grenades was an added bonus.
    The area where I found the two base plugs is littered with pieces of shrapnel, and can tell it was a very effective weapon. I'd like to go over the area again searching for more of these base plugs and gather some bits of shrapnel, also, hope to find any other bits to it. My only concern is what are the odds of coming across a live unexploded one...Yikes, it don't bare thinking about.

  3. Hi J the woods around my place a full of those plugs never had a grenade yet, don't wont one.

  4. Yup Chris, The amount of war training that went on here in and around Plymouth we're bound to come across these base plugs. Lets hope no one ever does come across live grenades.