Gawd, I even hate myself now.

 Thursday 01 May 2014
After reading a couple of responses about me on a couple of those 'I hate metal detectorists' sites, I'm starting to really not like myself. As well as being called a ficko, I'm now a twerp and I climb into elderly people's lofts and rob them.......pmsl....... What are they like, behave you two.

I was told not to get involved with them, wish I listened now,  all this tittle tattle is not good for our hobby. I can see why they are banned from some sites. Also I've got sidetracked from my blog and also I don't do stress or mix with negative people,  so I intend to bow out gracefully and go back to doing my own thing which I enjoy doing and happy with.

On that note I just wish the weather would improve so I can get out detecting again. I must be due for a great find soon, its out there waiting for me to find it, I can just feel it.
Happy Hunting All.


  1. Everyone has to hate someone Janner, its what makes us what we are.
    I too have read some blogs/websites where the owners do nothing but slag metal detectorists off. Its a shame really as some of the points they are trying to make can be very thought provoking, unfortunately its gets lost among all the "school play ground" name calling.
    Stick to your metal detecting and writing your blog Janner and let "academic" children prove once and for all they are exactly that.


  2. The way you put that across Jordan is excellent and so right. I will certainly heed your advice.