A Reply To The Keyboard Warrior.

Tuesday 29 April 2014.
I came home late last night and logged into my blog here for a buchers and noticed I had received an unusal  large number of hits on my blog. 'WOW' I thought, I'm famous at last. Quickly I checked the stats thingy to see where all this new traffic had come from and low and behold there it was, I was mentioned on a certain keyboard warrior's blog. I call him a keyboard warrior because I have come across people like him before on the net. They like to think that what they say is all that matters and low and behold anyone who stands in their way. They like to slag people off, insult them, try to make them look small and thick without even knowing anything about that person, I normally never respond to them but this one seems a bit different as he sounds a bit more inteligunt than the others, so I finks he should have a reply, just this once. 

The heading he mentioned me under was 'Duh, it' the lore innit'. That was about the only words I understood, wish he would write like that all the time, then I could understand what he writes about.
Then i thinks, I wonder if he has mentioned me before, so I checks back a bit on his older posts and what do I find, he's only gone and stole a pic of me off my blog. I never gave any permission for my pic to appear on his blog. Maybe he should read the 'lores' on copyright, as far as I understand it it don't matter if there is a link back to my site or a mention from where it came from, unless actual permission was granted its breaking the lore.. So if there is one of they lawyer types in, get in touch with me please, we could make some money here.'''('Ang on tho, maybe I'm rong about the law part on copyright, I'm sure someone will put me right, but sounded good din'nit).

I started reading his blog a little while ago and it soon became apparent to me that he was a keyboard warrior. Tho he writes inteliguntly and knows a lot about his stuff,  as soon as I saw what he was trying to do I lost all respect for him and just visit now and again to see what he's up to.

Let me tell you mr keyboard warrior, I left skool at 15 with two certificates, okay maybe one was for only doing 25 yards breaststroke and the other for second place junior boys sack race, but I got two. I don't need anyone telling others  I'm thick, I do a pretty good job of that meself.

So mr keyboard warrior, I have one thing to say to you....
"I may sound like an idiot and look like an idiot, but don't let that fool you.... I really am an idiot.

Anyways, fanks for the hits, ya never know I may have picked up some return traffic to me blog, its all good innit.


  1. Janner I am not sure who you are talking about but if I had to bet I would say his initials are P.B? If so his Blog is hosted on "blogspot" who is owned by Google.. I would start out with a DNCA Take Down request, its fairly easy and painless you can start here: https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905?rd=2 will walk you right threw it. And FYI I am glad to see you didn't I.D him or link to his site, I hate seeing bloggers who point out what fool he is, to only then link to his site at the same time! All that does is make the search engines algorithms "think" his site is relevant and thus gives him more exposure for his flimsily soap box. Good Luck to you and good detecting

  2. Hi Texas, thanks for that info but things have not got that bad, but always handy to know what steps one can take.
    Good luck to you too and Happy Hunting.