Bad Detecting Day.

A junk silvery ring
I did something today I rarely do when I go out metal detecting. I packed up early and came home from out local beach at Bovisands. There was just nothing happening to keep me interested on the beach today. Trashy bits after trashy bits kept coming up, mainly small pieces of aluminium. OK, I did find a silvery
junk ring early on and a one halfpence but I got that feeling that nothing else was going to come out. The return of all the sand that was stripped the other day was getting worse, in fact the beach looked how it did back last summer. The frustrating bit is that I know there's a lot of stuff deep under and it looks like I will have to wait for more storms before I can get at it. Mind you I was tired before I went after finishing work at 2.30am and finally going to bed at 4am and up again at 7, so not a good combination tiredness and lack of finds. The 3 hours I spent there today was enough.
Right, I'm off to my pit for a kip.....

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