Silver Sixpence Today.

Happened to have a couple of hours free time this morning, so as the sun was shining my detector was soon in the car and I was off. Didn't want to travel too far and was 'imming and 'amming to try the beach or inland. Decided inland and so went back to my site where there used to be an army camp. I've had a few military buttons and badges from here, also a few silver coins, so was worth another shot. After about an hour and a half I finally found something worthwhile, a silver sixpence dated 1939. Came out in nice condition as you see in the photo below, I will polish it up later. As it turned out that was the only coin I found. Did find a lot of bits of bullet casings as always on this site, even a live round shown in the photo. They have been disposed of. The trouble is these bullet casings give off a lovely dig-able signal just like coins and have to be dug.
*UPDATE*,,,,, Here is the sixpence all cleaned up looking newish. This is how I like my non valuable silver coins looking like. Cleaned with Silvo Metal Polish Wadding which brings them up lovely. This one took about 5 minutes.

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