Few more coins this morning.

In Pitch Mode
Discrimination 25
Sensitivity 90
Frequency 12khz
Iron Volume 4
Reactivity 3
Audio Response 4
Ground Balance - Tracking.

Its no good, I just can't seem to put my new machine down. Even tho I had plenty of stuff to do today I just had to nip out for a couple of hours. This time I took along a piece of paper with some settings wrote on it. So when I set up out on the field I didn't have to remember them.

To non Deus users the above settings will not mean anything, it didn't to me a couple of days ago. Just thought after reading the instruction book again I would give those settings a go. Well, it was a pleasurable couple of hours detecting, quiet, deep and the signals were easy to distinguish between the low iron grunt and the nice clear signal.
I did manage to winkle out a few coins, a halfpenny, thrupenny bit, 5 sixpences and a few decimal.
Starting to feel confident with this machine now and looking forward to getting out again with it.


  1. Another nice morning :)

    Very jealous!

  2. I'm lucky to have a place to detect right on my doorstep, nothing really old comes off it but handy for trying out new machines and for popping out for an hour or two.

  3. Envious of you rich "tekkies" who an afford those expensive machines. I keep playing the lotto....

    1. Ha,,,, if only Dick :). Its surprising how you can find the money when your passionate about something. A lot easier mind if you have an understanding missus. We both work part-time, i drive an old banger, very rarely do we go out, we don't do holidays and never have lived beyond our means. So when something comes along that either of us would like to try we are lucky enough to be able to give it a go.

  4. @Mr Stout - don't you own a T2 mate?! I'm still with my Ace 250, although, admittedly, I will be sending away for a devilish 13" coil when my supplier gets them back in stock next week. The height of excess!

    Mind you, detecting can be an expensive business once you include all the extras. I'm surprised we don't see more blogs called 'the recently divorced detectorist'. A £295+£25 (the most expensive detecting item I've come across) beach scoop is probably too much for any woman!