Saturday Night.

Its Saturday night, and I'm all ready. I've have had a couple of beers while I was cleaning my teeth, showering, drying my hair and putting on my best clobber. On the table beside me is my wallet, comb, keys. I'm all excited about the time ahead and planning how I will go about things. Maybe a couple more drinks in the local pub, then a taxi into town and onto a club later. Hope to meet a nice girl and maybe take her home.

I'm good to go, all is well in my world.

....ok, maybe that's how it was like 30 years ago,,, now....well, I still have the same feeling of excitement because I'm going metal detecting tomorrow and only a few things have changed. For instance, I've had a couple of mugs of tea, have not showered because by the time I come home from detecting tomorrow I most likely will be covered in mud and need a shower then. No need to clean the few teeth I have left as I won't be kissing anyone..saying that, if i find a silver hammered coin or bit of gold I just may kiss my detecting buddy, but no tongues. Comb for my hair...what hair. As for best clobber no need as no one will see me out in a field, except for my detecting buddy and maybe a farmer, which is ok because my detecting buddy and the farmer will be dressed like me. As for planning, I'm still doing that. Like which field to start in, settings I hope to use, shall I cherry pick or concentrate on a small area.
On the table beside me now lay my metal detector, a pinpointer,  headphones, digging tool and finds pouch. The only thing I hope to take home is a nice find.

I'm good to go, all is well in my world.

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