Nokta Velox One. Return to Slapton Sands.

What a change weather wise today was. I saw the forecast last night for today and thought I'm not missing this, so packed my Velox One early this morning and set off for Slapton Sands. I arrived just as the sun was rising and left as the sun was setting, wall to wall sunshine all day with no wind.
Also met a few fellow detectorists on the beach, the most I have ever seen there and a friendly bunch. Had a nice chat to a family of detectorists, Hi John and family if you look in, hope you found some more goodies on your way back to your car.

Above is a pic of my finds today of any interest, A bit of a mixed lot for a change, £3.43 in decimal, a thrupenny bit, 4 sixpences, 4 buttons, a silvery necklace, 7 fishing weights, a tiny something with stones in (see larger pic), a copper name tag, and a 925 sterling silver ring.

This is a closer look at the ring, its a monster, large and chunky, Normally with something like a ring I like to take a pic of it in situ before I pick it up, but when I saw it in the hole I thought it must be a fitment or something and just picked it up, noway did I think it was a ring because of its size. I'm sure the numbers do say 925.

Don't ask me what this is on the right here, I've no idea. My pinpointer had its work cut out trying to find it.
Its tiny, and as you can see its sat against a 1p piece for size comparison. Seems to have 6 coloured stones on it and in the center I can make out a portrait of someone. Not even sure what metal it is either but its an attractive little thing.
This necklace could be silver, its very tarnished and at the moment I can't see any marks on it. Seems to show a number 30 on a chain.

A thrupenny bit and 4 sixpences. The age I can't tell as all 4 are very worn. The flash on my camera has made them all look silver, but the top two are dull looking and the bottom two seem to be pre 1947 silver thus making them older.

I thought this was a good in situ shot. An eyes only find of a 1p piece trapped under a pebble, just laying there on top of the sand. I found about 5 coins just laying on the top.

I found the best settings for on the wet sand at this beach were....


I ran it like that 95% of the time. There were pips and pops coming through the headphones which I could have got rid of by turning the sensitivity further down, but I like to keep the sensitivity up as far as possible so I put up with the pips and pops. When a good clean digable signal did come through you couldn't miss it.

Just one point that made me nervous was the thought of if I turned the Iron Disc, (which I assumed is the discriminator setting) all the way up to its maximum of 10, I would be knocking out some targets like small silver coins etc. On the Friday before I went I did some air tests just to see if this would happen, well, it don't and the proof is in those 4 little sixpences I found yesterday. Also having the Iron Disc never effected the depth as far as I could tell. The main thing that does effect depth is the Sensitivity setting as with most all other machines. That's why I like to keep this setting as high as possible.


  1. Some nice finds there, not sure about your beach but ours is stony and makes digging an absolute mare!

  2. Thanks Detectorbloke, This beach is all shingle and is a pleasure to dig. My local beach is sand but at the mo the sand is gone, washed out by the storms. But its starting to creep back in now and won't be long before its like 6 foot deep again.