Bovisand Beach Today with Nokta Velox One.

I managed to get out metal detecting today again, who's a lucky chappy. Could only do 4 hours but it worked out well because just as I sat in my car to come home the heavens opened up with rain first then turning to hail, and boy did it come down.
This time I had a go at our local small beach and tho the sand has started to creep back in and tons of seaweed on the top of the beach, I managed to find a couple of low hot spots. The first half hour I tried my luck out on the very wet sand along the low water mark, I wasn't finding anything and as I only had three and a half hours left I headed back up the beach. That's where I found the low spots, still on the wet sand. I couldn't get on the dry because of all the seaweed and stones.

 So, what did I find. Nothing overly exciting, all the finds worth showing are in the picture above. A total of 47 coins. There is £4.24 in decimal money, 6 pre-decimal pennies and a half penny, 2 thrupenny bits, what looks like a lead weight of some kind, a junk copper ring and a tiny shield. An enjoyable 4 hours really.
I used the same settings as I did last Saturday at Slapton Sands and my Velox performed lovely and it wasn't long before I was into the coins. There seemed to be two smallish areas where the coins were coming up, you could see it was low spots. I found I had to move very slowly while detecting as there were loads of nails in amongst the coins and other junk. It seems that not only the coins settled in these areas, but nails and other trash as well. But by moving at a very slow pace in amongst the spits and pops some lovely signals came through. I'm very impressed with the recovery speed on the Velox, I seem to have it weighed off now to a fine tee.

This is the tiny shield and it seems to be made of copper going by the plain back. For size comparison, that;s a 5p piece directly under the shield in the top picture. No matter how small, it can't escape the Velox and it gave off a lovely signal.

I've just returned from another trip to this beach hoping to find some nice goodies but alas, it wasn't to be. A total of 23 coins, decimal and some pre-decimal. All in a poor sorry state. Also I found another child's junk ring. Today's coins below.

Below I've been keeping an eye on the sand coming back onto the beach with a series of pictures taken from the same spot on the beach. As you can see it don't take long.

Beach stripped of sand on 4th January

Taken 9 days later on the 13th January.

 Took this picture today 14th January.


  1. Hi, I'm going to be visiting Bovisand Beach in the summer and want to take my detector with me. Do I need any special permission to detect on the Beaches in the area?

    Cheers, Damian

    1. Hi Damian, There's no special permission needed in the Bovisand area as its all Crown foreshore. By rights you should have the free Crown foreshore permit to detect on any Crown owned beaches, but in all the time I have detected beaches I have never been approached to show it.
      Hope you have some luck.

  2. Thanks very much Janner53, I've just renewed my Crown Foreshore permit just to be sure. I'll post on here after the holiday (August) if I find anything interesting - it'll be mainly dry sand detecting with the kids though.

    Cheers, Damian

  3. Yes it would be good to hear about any finds you make Damian. The weather's been good lately and a heatwave is the forecast to start tomorrow, so the beaches will be well visited by the time you get here.

  4. Janner Bovisand is NOT a owned or managed by the crown est. and is Part Private and South Hams Council, in addition you should also be aware that this tide line is also classified as an SSSL!