Wembury Beach, 3 hour session.

Bit of a rush post this before I set off for work this morning, but yesterday after work I was able to grab a 3 hour session on Wembury beach. Even tho this beach is near me I have never detected it before but has always been on my mind to. So with my second time out with my C.Scope cs4pi I gave it a shot.
Down on the beach I met a fellow detectorist who said he had been at it for about 4 hours and had found a few bob. He seemed to know what he was doing as he had two machines, one with discrimination for up on the dry and a PI for the wet. Now that's worth keeping in mind.

I started detecting right down on the low tide water line and was soon into the signals, shame it was all junk but hey, if I was finding ring pulls, bottle caps etc, then surely if there were any goodies there I would find them. With that in mind it kept me interested.

I'm starting to see now how hard work this PI beach detecting can be. I was forever digging up rusty nails which on a machine with discrimination would have saved a lot of digging. But I knew this so am not complaining. Those pesky ring pulls, bottle tops and bits of cans would have sounded through mind no matter what machine you used. That's something to bear in mind, if you go and try and discriminate out those ring pulls and bottle tops chances are you will also discriminate out small silver coins, rings and other small good targets. Use the discrimination wisely as our machines can't 'see' what the metal is in the sand or soil and goes by the conductivity it gives off, and a ring pull gives off the same amount of conductivity as a silver ring.

So, nothing great to show you, ended up with £1.58 in decimal coinage and another lesson in beach detecting which I needed.


  1. Hey !

    Oh yes - typical finds at the beach ! :) But i enjoy hunting on the beach for jewellery and extra beer cash ;) Always GOOD FINDS and HELLO from metal detecting Germany - RALF

    1. Hi there Rolf and hello from metal detecting England. I know what you mean about extra beer money. I put all my 'spends' in a jar and empty it now and again, with today's tally going in I have a total of £35.85 in there again...a good night out that eh!.
      Happy Hunting,

  2. Hey Janner !

    I had a good day a week ago - almost 100 Euros in one day. A lot money for extra beer ;)

    At the end of the year i will give a part of the found money away for charity - i do that every year.

    I hope i can come one day to england for detecting. You are invited to my country ! ;)

    HELLO - Ralf

  3. Hey !

    Last week i made 200$ in just one day in one single park ! :) What a day ...

    Hello from metal detecting Germany