Six Hours On Pasture.

Had a day out detecting with our local club today on pasture fields. The grass could have been shorter but it was do-able. Thinking back I did too much field hopping really, mainly because of a lack of signals or the grass too long. All told 4 silver hammered coins were found, one chap found 3 of them. Apart from those as far as I know nothing else came out bar grot coins. A very quiet day for me, all I found worth showing was 4 grotty coins, a weight, a shield bade/button and a very large heavy lump of lead.
The heavens did open up for a short time where we had to run for cover but on a whole not a bad day for detecting, just a bit disappointing in the finds department.

These are the four grotty coins I found. I can make out one is a half penny, as for the other 3 they are too far gone.

This shield badge/button would have been nice if better condition. You can see a 'C' top left and a 'S' bottom right. There is also letters running up the middle but unable to read what it says.

A large heavy lump of lead used for something or other, maybe some sort of weight.

This smaller lead object is a lead weight.

Still, as always, its great to get out detecting and these finds helped to make it an interesting day.

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