Out again today.

Managed to sneak in a 3 hour session today. I tried the area where I found the American gold five dollar coin the other month. Was hoping for a pocket full of coins again like yesterday with my new large coil but alas, wasn't to be. All I managed to wiggle out was a button with what looks like 3 cannons on, another Elizabeth II one shilling, a 10p piece and gawd knows what those other 2 coins are. Wish I went to same place as yesterday now as this area the finds are now few and far between, but hey ho, was worth a try.

*UPDATE*. Thanks to a reader the button has been identified as a Royal Artillery button.


  1. Hi,The button is a Royal Artillery one!

    1. Hi Steve, Many thanks on the identification of the button. It makes it more interesting to know some information about a find.