Is Metal Detecting Worth It

Is metal detecting worth it? Good question that and I suppose it depends on what your looking for. I see it as two sorts of reasons why people take up metal detecting. The first reason is the people who like to do it just for fun. The oppertunity to get outdoors into the fresh air, a bit of exercise and the anticipation of a good find. They don't mind swinging their machine for 4-6 hours and have nothing of real interest to show for it. They enjoy the fun of the search. They are happy with the odd button or buckle, a coin of no value or an artifact they like to research. To them its all about the enjoyment of the hobby and if something really interesting turns up, well, that's an added bonus. Lovely collections are made from their finds which they are proud of. Myself, I do it for the pleasure side of it. I don't mind if I come home with only a couple of buttons, a musket ball,  a buckle or some crusty coins.

The other reason why people take up metal detecting is for the money side of it. They are in it to find objects, coins, etc for their monetary value. Nothing wrong with that, we could all do with some extra money to survive in this day and age. One thing I will say to those people mind is don't give up your day job until you hit a hoard.

Metal detecting can be profitable. When I first started a year go with my Garret Ace 250 which I paid around £180 for it brand new, I reckon I paid for that machine within 3 months  just by finding modern decimal coins. The pound coins, 50ps, 20ps, 10ps and 5ps soon mount up. Also that's not counting 4 rings of value I found and some silver coins and some good artifacts I could sell. Since I bought my Nokta Velox One I have half paid for it in finds if I decided to sell them. Depends of course how many hours you put in detecting.

My suggestion is to start off with a Garret Ace 250 to sort of 'learn the ropes', This machine seems to be the most popular starting out machine and been well tried and tested. Then, if metal detecting turned out not for you the resale on the Ace 250 is very good and you won't have lost much cash. If you get bitten by the detecting bug then you can always upgrade to a higher end machine feeling confident your going to keep at it.

So do I think metal detecting is worth it....I sure do,   


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