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 Just back from our metal detecting clubs monthly meeting. It was a great evening. We have a non club coin find of the month competition every month and I entered the American Gold Five Dollar Coin I found last week, and guess what, I won. Pleased as punch I am, will get a certificate next month.


Well, I had no chance of getting out today metal detecting, also its drizzling and dank out, so I have spent some time on my Blog today putting up a few links to various interesting news items and snippets of information. I literally spend hours sometimes on the internet surfing around and love looking at metal detecting topics and sometimes I come across something of interest and think, wow, I must share that.

As far as I know I'm free tomorrow, so if nothing crops up and if the weather is not too bad I should be able to venture out and do some swinging for a couple of hours.

If any of you have been out detecting today hope you have had some luck, if your out tomorrow, good look for then.

Remember, slow and low is the way to go.
Happy Hunting,

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