Great service from Detectorbits.

Credit where its due, my Velox battery case arrived today, super-fast service from Detectorbits, thank you.

I will say as well its a great bit of kit. Fits onto the Velox lovely. All I'm tied to the machine now is by the headphones, so may go 'wireless' one day.

Read today of a couple of accessories coming onto the market for the Nokta Velox One. They are bringing out proper water proof covers for the control box which will still allow access to all the switches. A much needed accessory. Also there is to be a switch protector available that clips onto the base and stops you knocking those two switches. Another good idea.
It is possible that there will also be a straight shaft available for all those who do not like the design of the current Velox shaft.

I suppose its the same with all new models that come onto the market, things get improved and upgraded as more people start using them and giving the manufacturers feedback.

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