Itching To Get Out

Just got wind of two detecting rallies coming up. One this weekend and another next month. They won't be advertised because they are in club rallies for clubs in the south-west. Tempted to go to both, the one this weekend coming is a two day affair so maybe a car sleep over. Can't say I like rallies that much, I always got it in the back of my mind that their 'fixed'. Read a lot of stuff around the net that some are. I think they call them 'seeded rallies', where finds are placed in secret before hand for us to find on the day, so, making it look like its a good site and encourage us to part with our hard earned cash and go back next year. Sometimes in detecting mags you see an advertisement for Roman grots and also you see piles of grots sold on Ebay. Makes you think don't it. Ok, It keeps the newcomers to the hobby happy going home with a few roman grots but its certainly not good practice.

Also the comment 'its never been detected before' i take with a pinch of salt. One case i read was about a rally and was advertised that it has never been detected on. On the day of the rally people were digging up pennies with blobs of red paint on. They were marker pennies planted as prize tokens from a previous rally. Now I'm wondering how many illegal finds are shown at rally's just so they can bring them out in the open. At the end of the day its our choice. Rallies can be fun and some people like the social side of it.

I would think that's more to do with some of the big rallies and not the local club ones. Anyways, these two are quite local and within easy reach for me and as i don't really have anywhere else to go i just as well. At least local rallies are a charity affair where the fees go towards  good causes.

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